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my point was to try to push all this subjectivity to the next level. voting on a best scheme without clarifying the criteria is useless. even still, the vast majority of your comments are about affect or how the arrangement makes someone feel. that is all well and good, but your prescribing a result to a design yet to be determined. all that gives somebody is a recommendation as to what feeling they need to have when they observe the stones in the right position.

instead, i'm saying some kind of vocabulary has to be used to evaluate these layouts. intention, horizons, depth of field, intensity of light/shade, spatial relationship, gestalt theory, etcetera. if i come off as hostile, its my hostility for the ADA judging panels and all the gypsy rederick they use to hide the fact that they know little about actual design, sculpture, and space, when in actuality they simply have the most experience fooling around with this wonderful hobby. so my argument is, stop trying to be like those guys, following their rules; and instead, understand why they have these rules, know how to manipulate them to your own intention, and have fun with it! 46 and 2, right on through, ride the spiral to the end. let go, let go, let go!

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