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As a short addendum it warrants adding that ultimately - the design should give the impression and feeling that the creator wants it to display. This is why I worked mostly with what the author was trying to achieve with his layout as he posted. As a viewer or designer having a different favorite or the like doesn't make them any less of a credible aquascaper, Malawibiswas enjoys aquascape #1 - perhaps a reflection of his taste for a more gentle/serene approach, clwatkins enjoys #2 and #3, maybe because he enjoys dynamism. The contrast here in no way shape or form makes one right or the other wrong, and neither opinions makes them a less credible aquascaper (indeed, they're quite good at it!).

So, essentially, I should say that when I am critiquing an aquascape, it's only the aquascape - never the designer or people who like A vs. B or C. So I apologize if it ever seemed like I was criticizing the people who like oranges instead of apples.
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