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Geez... this is turning into a battlefield. Special Plans, it isn't exactly a "lucid term" by describing something that "extends far beyond the confines of an aquarium". Simply put that translates using vocabulary only a notch less complex; "your rock arrangement could provide an easy method of continuation" or "your rock arrangement could appear to be a small part of a greater whole". Stop trying to downplay people when you know well what they mean. This forum is here to provide helpful and positive collaboration, not the later.

A "curious and mysterious feel" I would agree is perhaps a bit vague, but that is the idea. If that phrase was more descriptive it would loose its mysterious intent . Basically, when you look at the tank you should feel something powerful... the same sensation you get when viewing Stone Henge or the Grand Canyon (a synthetic and natural example provided for your benefit). Its creation, form, method of existence is dumbfounding. We have an understanding of how it came into being or reasons for its current position, but we still feel dwarfed by such a feat/scale/evolution.

I for one think his contribution was great and what he had to say will help this tank (if the aquascaper chooses to acknowledge it) on its way to fruition.

We get the fact that you are passionate about design, but ease up... no need for hostility.
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