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Originally Posted by SPECIAL||PLANS View Post
disregard everything i said. apparently overtness and instant closure are what matter in an iwagumi tank. personally i'd want my tank to resonate as my eye constantly jumps around the composition. domination and easy answers would move the design into the mundane.
Iwagumi is simply the idea of creating beauty out of simplicity through elegance and flow of all elements involved. One primary focal point, and 1 or 2 additional supporting focal points are fine. The next big principle is to design in such a way that certain aspects of the layout are hidden from view to give the rock a curiously mysterious feel, and have it flow in such a way that it appears the scape could very well extend far beyond the confines of the aquarium. However a disorganized mismash of rock with excess amounts of focal points only achieves tension from not knowing where to look, that is too overt.

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