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Ok so my 4ft aquarium is almost up..I have had some major problems i had to deal with....You just cant find good equipment down here in Trinidad.For lighting im not sure how much watts it is , i had limited space so i put in 6 18" and one 2" grow tank looks kinda red though....No one ever heard of Flourite and i can t find a good external filter.In place of the flourite i decided to use normal garden soil and gravel with some plant sticks ...The filter is the problem ... i wanna have alotta plants but im worried that too much Co2 will escape with one of those hang on canister filter...and that seems to be my only option....The Wisper power Filter 3 (up to 75g...and the tetraTec Living filter or some crap like that )
Is it that big of a deal because im planning on using a DIY Co2 system...
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