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I'm still waiting for my plants from eBay to arrive. The seller is supposed to ship them today. But I found a bunch of spikerush, or dwarf hairgrass, growing along a pond. That's one thing I like about Florida. You can find like any aquarium plant here in a pond. I got like three or four pounds of dwarf hairgrass from the pond. But I had to cut off all of the dead leaves. I planted it in my fish tank. I didn't plant all of it yet; I still have like 2 1/2 or 3 pounds left. And I even found some Hydrocotyle verticillata growing emersed in my backyard! I put in a filter I had laying around and got new light bulbs; two 15 watt daylight 6500 Kelvin bulbs. Here are some pics of the tank so far:

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