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1 - 24" T8 6700K Daylight 18w

1 - 24" T8 18000K "Power Glo" 20w

(above overdriven in series with a 4 bulb electronic ballast)

when wiring a fixture in series with 4 leads going to what is essentially one 38 watt bulb from what i understand about series, what is the increase in wattage coming from the ballast? if i "trick" the ballast into thinking it's powering four 32-40watt bulbs, is it providing up to 160 watts to the pair of 24 inchers?

if that's the case, when trying to determine how much light i'm getting from this fixture, do i ignore the fact that i'm using 24 inch bulbs altogether and just imagine i'm doing a 4x 48" setup, and use those estimates, which would be a lamp that's 2.7 times brighter than NO?

i've done the math two different ways and come up with the *equivalent* of 99.9 - 128 watts from this setup.

can anyone clear this up a bit for me?

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