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Hmm... I was just thinking over my plans for my DIY and came to a road block. Instead of opening a new thread, ill just post here (sorry to threadjack you lol).

The pump I will be using is a Quiet One model 1200 pump. I got a good deal on one ($10) so I will just be using that.

I plan to use the pump inline, meaning it will look like this: = means tubing [] means pump

Fish Tank ======== [] ======= Canister

The problem I am seeing arising is the power of the pump. It is rated at 296 GPH. The tank it's going in is a 20 gallon long. I am thinking that this flow will be too powerful going back into the tank, and possibly disturbing substrate/plants.

I want to add one of those ball joint pressure regulators that you are using, but my question is:

Will it work better/safer if I put pressure regulator before the pump or after the pump?

If it's before the pump the setup will look like

Fish Tank ===== X ==== [] ===== Canister

= meaning tube X meaning the regulator and [] meaning canister

Tell me what you think?
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