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activated carbon kill plants?

ok so first the question.. someone told me activated carbon in my aquaclear filter will kill my plants.. i think its bull.. but has anyone else heard this..

here was my original post
My plants are dying and i cant figure out why. The tank is not overstocked... i do a 10 gallon change every week and a half.. its 40 gallons. All levels stay consistent and relatively low.. I have fish in the tank that wouldnt do well in poor conditions and they look great!. But i cant figure out what is going on.. The substrate is Eco Complete base then eco complete mixed with gravel. I dose twice weekly with flourish and excel. I also just put root tabs in 4 days ago..I also have a DIY CO2 with a reactor on a powerhead for CO2 injection. The plants are looking worse and worse everyday. HELP! I dont want to lose my plants...
also have plenty of light from my GLO TO H5 with 2x24 watts plus another light off an old tank that is 20 watts and the bulb is specifically for plants ...plants are crypts and swords and annubis

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