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Originally Posted by Haagenize View Post
I was just wondering if there is like a formal like reason why all this is happening? Because I go on the chat regularly but I don't see what's so undesirable except for a few people. Except those few people do not, i repeat do not represent the whole chat room. Not accepting the chat room to be official I'm totally fine with, but basically banning all activity relating to it, that is what bugs me.
We are not banning activity. We don't own or operate the chat room.

Originally Posted by kid creole View Post
Bad decision, IMO.
Planted tank did just fine before. Can't see why we need it for now.

Originally Posted by bgzbgz View Post
And the worst part is I don't even know what we did to deserve this.
We are not moderating you personally. Use the chat room, don't use the chat room, its not our place to tell you not too. There will just be no advertised association from this forum any longer.

Originally Posted by danakin View Post
Hey mods who are viewing this, we'd like ALL of your opinions on this, not just those who have been vocal about it in the past. Thanks.
Kyle's post IS our opinion.

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