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Algae anyone?

Ok, are you guys ready for some closeups of algae-paloosa?

This is that grass stuff with some staghorn? or maybe staghorn with some grass

This stuff I actually think is quite attractive, if it wouldn't occasionally die and then get all ugly... also pearls quite nicely as you already mentioned, speedy.

While I had the camera in hand I tried to take some pics of fish as well. The shark was actually not very camera shy tonight.

Some of the Harlequin Rasboras, at least that's what I bought them as.

Can you see the Pleco? That's right, she likes to hang out upside down under the driftwood, like all good Plecos do

Couldn't seem to find the Clown Loach and the camera ran out of battery anyway.

I am running out of CO2, so I think that will not help the algae situation, as I don't know when I will be able to get a new bottle. Maybe I'll try in my lunch break tomorrow. I will definitely make sure the empty bottle makes it to my car tonight, or I'll forget it tomorrow. I will also throw in some Excel tomorrow morning.

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