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I'm really leaning towards the 2211, Dollface. You're right about raising the spray bar. I've only found one source for the 2211 online, though. Hopefully, they'll become more available in the next two months when I fill this thing up. (I've decided I'm going to fill it up for sure.)

ch3f, it's about a block away from AFA. Katsura Gardens, as Martin pointed out.

cl, I'll put it in my sig once a name is found. Gotta observe this little guy for a while so I can get a feel for it's character before naming it.

Thanks, Craig. I'm hella happy you're still in this game. We'd be at a loss without you.

That's all really good advice, Jade. Judging from what you observed, you have a pretty good idea of the look I'm going for. My main concern is keeping the UG low so as to minimize the "shrinking effect" plant growth has on a hardscape.
This tank will not be a iwagumi in the strict sense of it all. My main intent is to showcase UG. (The plant.)
So far I have a couple of favorite plants: Mini Microsword, Mini Pellia, and Special Fern. I have a feeling UG can be added to this list, but I've yet to fall in love with it as I've yet to create a 'scape in which I'm proud of how it turned out.
As for the rocks, I absolutely agree. However, given the shape of the rocks, and my goal to have a rockscape that is solid (i.e. won't tip when I'm trimming), the placement you see is the only one that worked given my stubborn insistence on having the rocks stable and fit in the grooves of each other. It's a case of function winning out slightly over aesthetics.

Originally Posted by brohawk View Post
No prob! Now if you ship me some of those rocks you scored, we'll call it even...
You never know, bro.

lego, you friggin' read my mind. I thought the same exact thing! I thought that if I do introduce DHG, I'll add it after the UG's had a month and a half head start. I'd then slowly introduce other plants as the 'scape matured. It would make me feel like a conductor of a symphony guiding the tempo of the tank.

Thanks, big

danakin and lego, don't it? Why do all of my recent 'scapes look like animals?

I'm feeling a lot more confident of the success of the dry-start method because of bro's "tip the tank" advice. That said, I have a feeling that this tank will take the full two months to fill in. I'm growing UG emersed in a bowl in my bathroom and after about three weeks, only now is it starting to throw out new growth.
We'll see.
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