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R.I.P. "Revival" - Speedie408's 10g

Updates at the end of the thread.
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Finally got a second tank set up. My question to everyone is... I've seen 4g Finnex tanks that look exactly like mine, but is this tank made by Finnex? I really like the way this the tank looks and also it's very well built.

My original plan was to have some sort of rock hardscape with HC only as foreground cover and then a few stem plants behind the rocks. As you can see in the pics things are already going off track a little bit. Got me an excellent Erio Japan which is doing quite well for about a week now. I also threw in some Sunset Hygro and Tonina fluviatilis from my other tank.

It's been cycling for about 2 weeks now with ADA AS, HOB filter, CO2 via ceramic diffuser, and using my extra 39W T5HO fixture with a 10K bulb for now. I threw in a few of my Neons from my other tank to help get the cycle flowing. Just a few days ago, I received my 20 Microrasbora erythromicron. They are way too shy to get a half decent shot. I'll let them adjust a bit longer for some nice shots. They've already colored up nicely and are starting to fatten up though. However I already lost one fish from commiting suicide. I didn't know these fish were jumpers so I'm going to have to look for a lid.

I don't have the patience to grow HC emmersed so hopefully this works out.

On with the pics: This is my first attempt at a rock hardscape. Hope you guys like it. I got the rocks for free from a local stream.

Thanks for looking guys. We'll see how it turns out so stay tuned for updates.


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