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Aquaponics Requires high levels of Nitrates to grow the plants.
Why do nitrates hurt the planted aquariums then?

Aquaponics utalizes the same process we do to cycle an aquarium, but they never have to remove water (once the bacteria is established).
The fish and decaying food causes amonia to build up. Then, bacteria convert the amonia to nitrite and different bactera convert the nitrite to nitrate. This we all know. But, the plants in the aquaponics grow bed use up the nitrates and it makes them grow like crazy. Is there a difference between aquatic plants and regular plants?
I am setting up my little aquaponics tank experiment. I may post a few pictures if it does not look too lame. LOL

I wonder if I could set up a twisted bamboo garden in an aquaponic gravel bed to take the nitrates out automatically. I think that would be much closer to a totally balanced ecosystem...

I have bee studying up on aquaponics and it is amazing how it is the exact same science we use for balancing our planted aquariums. They test water all the time and fight ph and stuff like we do! They do some things diffrently, but they work too.
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