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Originally Posted by clwatkins10 View Post
Nice tank! I have never seen a desert terrarium that was actually "scaped" (plants arranged in some order)
Thanks CL, it's kinda a new concept for me too.

Originally Posted by FrostyNYC View Post
I'd be afraid to add lizards, for fear that they'd scratch up those succulent leaves.

What's the white stuff spread out everywhere? It looks like the white stuff that's in potting soil sometimes.

I really dig this tank. The only negative, maybe, is that you have so many species of plants that it looks unnatural. But I'm not sure you were going for natural, so it looks awesome anyway.
Thanks Frosty! The white granules is the Perlite, to help keep the soil from compacting. I was kinda going for a terrarium version of a collectoritis dutch desert. Not real natural by any means, but I like all the contrasts in color and texture the plants give

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