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Originally Posted by demosthenes View Post
wow, thats really cool! you should try to find the desert equivalent of HC and make a little foreground in the front sides and back center.
Man, you know, I saw one like that earlier today. Now I wish I would have grabbed it. I do need to fill in a couple of empty spots yet, I'll probably get everything I need tomorrow.

are you planning to put any animals in here? i have no idea what exactly you'd house in such a tank, but it seems like there could be something really cool in there. maybe a scorpion! haha ew...
Originally Posted by speedie408 View Post

Tell me you're putting some lizards in there... maybe a snake? At least you don't have to worry about trimming haha, asumming they are very slooooOoow growers.
Nope, no lizards or arachnids or anything planned. When this fills in there won't be much room for anything to move around . Speedie, some of these grow faster than you'd think. The Euphorbia (thin, green plant in the bakc left corner) is an extremely fast grower. I've only had it for a couple days and there's already a good amount of new growth. Many of them are pretty slow growers, though.

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