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Ramos' ADA Mini-M

Updating this post with the most recent infor. For the record I originally planned to do a 45-P but changed to a Mini-M then a week later caught a deal in the SnS for one. As of today (8/12/09) the only thing I need to get this tank running would be the heater, which will be in inline heater.

ADA Mini-M
ADA Solar Mini M
ADA Aquasoil Amazonia
Eheim 2211 with ADA Mini P-1 and ADA Mini V-1
Victor VTS-253A w/ Fabco NV & 2.5# Tank
ADA Brighty K

As far as plants, I've got a short list in my head of stuff I might like in here. Here are a few I'm considering.
Utricularia graminifolia
Marsiela minuta
Fissidens fontanus
Stems of some sort, preferably short, colorful ones that aren't Rotala sp. 'Mini'

Hardscpae will be Seiryu or Ryuoh Stone

Blue Pearls/Blue Tigers/Some blue shrimp more or less.

The Tank:

The Light:

The Filter

The Pipes:

The Co2 & Ferts:

The Plunge:

The Inspiration

Thats about it! Stay tuned for updates to this!

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