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Here's my 2 cents:
I've been to both P.R.s. I'm not really happy about what has happened to the one on Lincoln (Anaheim?). They used to be about twice the size, but cut back (because of rent increase?). When they cut back, the two huge planted tanks with discus that they had were removed. They also used to have a large in-store koi pond, which they removed. Their plants (when they had some) never seemed to be in good condition. They have been saying for several months that they would be installing a big, new plant area, but I've yet to see it. Don't know if it will ever happen. Their prices are on the high side, even compared to Tong's.
But some good points, one of the young men there (don't remember his name) was very helpful and offered some good advice. They also will sometimes bargain with you if you ask, and if you buy multiple big ticket items. I got a really good price on a 100g stand.

The P.R. on Brookhurst in F.V. is mostly s.w., and has an excellent anemone display. No plants, as of yet, but say they will be adding...eventually.

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