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7.5G stream bed

I have too many odd little tanks lying around the house.. and despite a terrible shortage of storage space in my home office there's always room to set-up one more.

This is an 18"x10"x10" glass tank (roughly 7.5 USG, just under 30 litres) that has done a few years of service as the sump to my recently dismantled reef set-up. Cleaned up last week and given a few coats of background emulsion on the back of left-hand side it's been set-up to replace the tiny pico-cube that I never really got going.

I've never tried emersed before, so I'm giving this a go.

Equipment and set-up from what I had available.

Substrate is aquatic soil, with some round gravel for the stream.

Planting is HC that I culled from the larger tank, we'll see how it gets along growing emersed.

I didn't have any rocks or driftwood to hand that I liked, but I'll be keeping an eye out over the next few weeks. I think there should really be a turning stone on the bend in the stream.

Lighting is an 11W arcpod that was previously used to light Chaeto when this was running as a sump. I've got a variety of PC starter/ballast units available (but I think the twin 55W would be overkill..).

Plans.. well.. not sure yet.. grow out the HC, maybe add some red-tinged stems as risers (I'll know it when I see it, but I can't think of the species at the moment - red Cabomba maybe?).. I'm currently thinking Hero as inspiration.. or I could just go all chavtastic and go for the tacky bridge over the stream.. (although the full chav effect requires a much larger tank and some pirhanas.. and a pitbull).
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