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Originally Posted by itstony
the pictures came out good...looks better than anything i could do. how llong have your tank been running for? and have you ever tried dosing excel? im not sure if it works on that algae but maybe an army of otos or some SAE would hlep
Thank you. The tank has been established for over 5 years, just not successfully growing plants That started early this year, when I started reading this forum. I actually do occasionally dose some excel, about 2 cap fulls twice a week. I'm not sure it's really worth doing at these low levels, but I do have pressurized CO2.

Originally Posted by itstony
btw the heater seem a bit out of place lol. maybe you could put it horizontally and near the bottom or hiding behind the plants
I actually have plans to replace that heater with an inline heater outside the tank, so until then I don't mind the eye sore

Originally Posted by Wasserpest
That's a pretty tank. And a pretty golden algae eater. I wouldn't sweat the alga, believe me they go away all by themselves soon enough. The Java fern looks like it is on steroids, very healthy. The transparent areas are normal for new leaves. In no time you'll have a giant bush of it.

That piece of wood is nice, but I would place it a bit off-center. Makes things look a bit more interesting.

And don't kill them fishies with too much CO2. Algae doesn't disappear overnight, give it some time, watch how it stops spreading, cut off some leaves, and soon you don't know it was even there.

That little sword looks like a E. barthii, my favorite for sure. Push it a bit back from the front glass to give it some more space, feed it some root tab every half year, and see it spread. The Clown might nip on it once in a while, but it all grows out.
Thank you for your kind words. I am so glad that the java fern is ok, that really worried me a bit. I do see a bunch of new leaves coming from below, so that's a good sign.
I will re-locate the Echinodorus. When I found it, it was so small that I didn't realize how big it would become. I will have to move a rock for it I think. Maybe I will rotate the wood a bit. That might create enough room for the sword.

Here is an update on the shrimp experiment. I actually saw at 3 shrimp at the same time, which makes me believe that there are actually more alive than I thought. These guys seem to be able to hide really well.

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