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Thanks for your feedback.

And yes, I did get the loach originally to rid myself of the millions of ramshorn (sp?) snails that came with the plants from my LFS.

I did forget to mention that I am always trying to keep between 3 and 5 otos in there, too. They do a pretty work pretty hard, but can't keep up.

Ok, also today I started a little experiment. I got some ghost shrimp at my LFS to see if they would be able to survive the loach and the shark. I have been intrigued with keeping shrimp for a while now, but thought I couldn't because of the clown loach.
Well, either these little shrimp are extremely good at hiding, or after just 4 hours I am down to 2 out of 10. I haven't seen the loach in a while, maybe he is just too full to move right now...

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