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Reglohs 55g (56K warning) ***FRY***

So this is finally my turn to post my tank here. I want to say upfront that I am realizing how bad I am at taking pictures. Does anyone have a SD1100is from Canon? Maybe there are some better settings that I could use.

Ok, the facts:

Tank: 55 ga , 20" tall, 12" deep and 48" long
Lights: 2x 54w T5HO Hagen Power-Glo
Substrate: Pea gravel over some kind of plant substrate (Flourite maybe) Seachem root tabs here and there
Filtration: Eheim 2217
Circulation: Hydor Koralia 2
Heater: Inside tank, with plans to switch to a Hydor Eth-200
CO2: 20g pressurized using a rex-style reactor
Dosing: EI for 40-60 ga
Flora: Wisteria, Ludwigia repens, fava fern, some grassy stuff, sunset hygro, vals, riccia, lillies or lotus ?
Fauna: BN pleco, clownloach, red-tailed black shark, 1 platy, 1 neon tetra, 10 (soon to be 20) harlequin rasboras

Ok here comes the full tank shot:

Here is my awfully out of control algae on the grassy stuff. If someone knows what this is, please advise. I think the LFS guy called it micro sword, but I could have heard wrong, or he could have been wrong

This is a plant I didn't even know was still there, when I got CO2 and re-scaped a bit. I found it behind/under a small piece of driftwood and it was tiny, but it looks like it recovered quite nicely. I would also appreciate if someone could identify it for me.

Here is a rare shot of my gold algae eater. He does not really like to be photographed, so this was a lucky shot. Anyone want this guy? I am tired of the fights he picks with the shark.

What I would like to do in the long term is to first and foremost get the algae under control. I've had a few close calls with the CO2, as I am relatively new to the whole pressurized scene. Fish gasping for air and all that good stuff, so I am a little more careful now. But I may need to crank the CO2 a bit more. My drop checker shows yellow, but I made the 4kH water myself, and I don't really trust it much.

I also am looking to do a little more with the nice driftwood in the center I was hoping I could spread out the java fern a bit more, but I am not having a ton of growth. I took a closeup.

It looks like some of the leaves are partially transparent, but take a look. I am following the EI dosing quite religiously, so I'm having a hard time believing it would be some kind of nutrient deficiency. The one nutrient I am not sure about is CO2 and I am going to try upping that a bit. Any other thoughts?

Any feedback will be appreciated! Thanks for looking!

Eheim Pimp #363 - 2213, 2217

Tank journals: 55g, 10g

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