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Located northwest of Baltimore, the Aquarium Center is a shop that has unfortunately has, at this writing, past it's prime. The store is rather large at over 15,000 sq ft and is capable of having a quite large selection, but in recent times has not been as great as it once was. One is greeted with a musty scent of mold when entering the shop. Lighting in the fish area is dim and provided mostly by the tanks. While the store has many tanks and the capability to be stellar, recent visits over the past year or so have been disappointing. Tanks have been dirty and many turned off the main system to medicate livestock. The floors are usually wet and recently entire sections have been closed due to flooding. When it comes to plants the selection is quite large with 60 tanks available to house them, but again, as of late the quality of the plants has not been what it once was. Being this site is plant driven with a FW bend I will not go into the sorry state of the marine systems, refered to as "the aisle of death" on the local reef forum. Dry goods pricing is competitive and the store has a large dry goods display area, but recent visits have found many holes in shelves and lack of depth in stocking levels. The staff is mixed, one can find knowledgeable employees but there are many employees that seem disinterested and sometimes downright rude. It seems as this store is currently skating on it's previous glory.

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