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Originally Posted by sunfire99 View Post
So, do you think it's safe to add a school of fish after the plants are in? I've done a lot of reading about this but there didn't seem to be a real theme that everyone agreed on. I plan to have a school of 15-20 Rummynose Tetras. How many would you add initially once planted? Thanks Mike!!
My tank, I'd add all the Rummynose right off with the plants.

Originally Posted by sunfire99 View Post
Oh, and the tank looks good!! Is it under a counter of some kind. Good diea using that kind of space for a tank. I'm negotiating with the wife where to put up a 20 for a QT tank. Can't imagine she'll let me use the kitchen .
The 55g is indeed under a counter in the kitchen. The 110g will be at the opposite end in the kitchen as well. The Kitchen is 16' 6" w X 23' long with counter top and appliances down one wall and three sets of louvered double doors on the other. The first two sets are pantry / closets, the third set is to the home office and access to the back porch.

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