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Tank @ 48hrs.

I set the R O water using Grumpy's GH booster @ 6dGH and baking soda @ 3dKH. Adding a standard 55g dose of CSM+B, Fe dosed to .6ppm, 20ml excel on 4/03/09
Testing today 10dGH, 3dKH, PO4 2ppm, Ammonia 0.0-.25 minimum color change.
Nitrite and nitrate I expected zero readings and tested just that.

Starting plants are chain swords, Kliener bar sword, crypt wendtii reds, repoens, Bacopa colorata, water sprite and narrow leaf sag.

I'm thinking about dosing NO3 and K2SO4 or leaf zone to help bridge the plants.
Water is still slightly cloudy. The only filtration is a power head feeding an eheim spray bar to break up the flow with an old sponge on the intake.

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