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Miracle Grow Organic Choice Potting Soil IS NOT mineralized soil, it has organics present (fine mulch). It will finish the process of mineralization in the tank, decaying under the gravel. That's why its not stable right away. Mineralization IMO is a fancy word for rot. Dry it rots slower, once submerged the chemical decomposition rate will change and then stabilize again at a new rate. Ammonia spikes could kill fish rapidly in my tank if the gas trapped, built up and released. I don't think it happens often but can.

I don't have Ms. Walstad's book yet but plan on purchasing one. I've read on the internet on the subject gathering what I can from others and also know what I've seen in southern swamps regarding organic break down. It won't be too different in the tank just more contained. As our environmental specialists at work are so fond of saying 'the solution to pollution is dilution' its contained in the tank so I'm being careful.

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