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thanks all on your compliments on my shrimps' redness. i was very pleased when i saw them. but they arent all that red. the 2 you look the most at are the ones that stick out the most, the redest. they are 2 of my 3 females. the third is nicely colored too, but not quite as much. some of the younger males are almost clear, but they are still young so they should color up more. all in all, yeah, they are pretty amazing. i hope they do well in the tank.

That a. Nana looks really nice too. I have such a hard time keeping mine algae free.
well i have shrimp, they help. plus before it was in here, it was in a terrarium for monthes. so all the GSA that used to dot its older leaves died off. hopefully i can keep it algae free though, but if it ever starts to get to algaefied, i plan on putting it back in the terrarium for a while for the algae to die (and plant to grow even more).

Nice. I think the riccia should stay! And yes, those red cherries are at least 5 times redder than my reddest ones!
well im certainly considering the riccia, thats why its in there. but i want to see how it will grow along with the other plants. im a big fan of riccia, since i tried it the first time, i had some in every tank; but if it doesnt fit in well, **** it.
thanks about the shimp.
these are pretty special. they arent as see-through as most RCS, they are more solid colored, like CRS.
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