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Things getting wet in the kitchen.

Well,,, finally made some progress last night. I was waiting on a Drs. web order that included UG filter plates that arrived Tuesday and now I’m not even using them LOL. (Maybe there is another tank in my future)
Started assembly Tuesday night with the on hand hardware but when I filled the tank and installed the Marineland Emperor Bio-wheel 400 it leaked water all over! The filter housing was cracked under the right return tray and back of the basket housing. Ugh!!! So no HOB! After toweling the floor and cleaning up my mess at 11:45 pm that filter box skipped across the back patio at a rather high rate of speed. (Picked up the pieces the following day)
So now I have changed my master plan yet again.
el natural, Diana Walstad type tank as of today. Miracle Grow Organic Choice Potting Mix 32 Qt. (dry) bag was $8.00 and I used nearly the bag for a one inch layer. It’s full of organics as the name implies but no chemical ferts. Very little in the way of sticks or bark pieces in the bag I bought. Capped the soil with 2 bags of Flourite original as I like the color.
I dumped the idea of a pool filter sand layer over / under / between the substrates. Reading strings it can limit gas exchange, CO2 out and O2 into the biomass. Lighting changed also as >2wpg is recommended.
Lowes has hanging dual T8 48” 32watt fixtures, silver w/ black end caps for $29.00. I bought two and went with 2-6500K, 2-5000K bulbs labeled as daylight and sunshine.
GE daylight 32w, 2700 lumens, 6500K, cri 78
GE sunshine 32w, 2800 lumens, 5000K, cri 86
2.3 watts per gallon.
Lights are set 6 ” above the tank covers as we plan on rooting terrestrial plants through the tank top as well as having floaters. Based on posts at the APC site to help control nutrient levels in the water and algae several folks have done it. (My wife liked that idea) No hardscape at this time and plan on jungle planting for the cycle. Plant list to follow when I’ve got time and actually get them planted.
A single power head will provide water circulation and a UV sterilizer will be installed.

On with the pictures!

Dirt pile and small amount of sticks

You can see the color difference between 5000K and 6500K

Used egg crate grill material to eliminate gravel creep along the glass

2 Bag 30lb. Flourite cap plus a 1/4 old bag from the last tank

Filler up!

Following day setting water GH and planting

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