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Wow, we're really expanding our international member base here! Welcome to the board =)

So far you have the following:
- 2 foot bulb (most likely 20 watts, are you sure it is 40w?)
- Four 18" 15 watt bulbs
- 50w plant light - is this also fluorescent? Or halogen? Incandescent?

Total you have about a little over 100 watts. This is still a fairly low level of lighting. If you could return your four F15T8 lights and connections, I'd recommend going back and asking for an industrial lighting fixture for four foot bulbs. They usually come in either 2 or 4 bulb configurations for lighting workshops, offices, etc. and cost very little. Then ask for F40T12 bulbs over 5000k. Most of them will be either 3000K or 4100K. As long as they are "daylight" or very cool colored, they will work well with plants.

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