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Originally Posted by i4x4nMore View Post
...Did any of the above answer your question about the minimal setup required?
Yes, absolutley! Thanks for a very thorough explanation. I would never have guessed that 60 umols/m2/s of light would be sufficient to grow carpeting plants like HC. I would have guessed 120-220 minimum. This is good to know. When I test emersed with mineralized topsoil, I am going to go with the 60 umols/m2/s of light to grow HC or dwarf hairgrass after flooding. I did not have a par meter and even if I did, I would never had the experience of growing carpeting plants and measuring the minimal light levels needed to grow them. This helps a lot. Again, many thanks for sharing your experience and findings. And sorry for the thread hijack, but this was just so fascinating I couldn't resist.
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