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i spent a little bit more time with the display tonight. i removed a few more plants, then arranged the aquascape plant material.

this gives a general idea of what the emersed plants will look like. there isn't really much rhyme or reason to this arrangement--i just tried to put plants with neighbors that provide good contrast. these plants will need some time to grow in. i hope that the crypts will grow to about 3X of their current sizes. two of the three C. wendtii are in spathe now. i hope that i will get to see some new blooms before long. the disturbance that i have created might shock a few more crypts into flowering.

here is a view down the length of the tank from the inside.

this demonstrates the midground plants, ferns and Anubias, a little better. you can also see that the corners of the Trellis Rafts are still visible. these will get covered up as those plants grow. the Anubias are happy and they should fill in within a few more months., sand and gravel.
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