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Thanx for your input sorry for not being clear about the fits over the tank perfectly.......its just that the space for the lights is a bit smaller.....i already went out today to an electrical shop (Dont have a Home Depot or Walmart down here in Trinidad)and got a few bulbs and fittings but im not sure its enough...i got 4.. F15T8 Grow Lite and all the connections and stuff ...I also got a 50 Watt Plant light so ill try an hook those cost me about $35 USD....How much more would i need? or is that enough?..Its amaizing though ...down here no one knows about aqurium lights or grow lights....its really hard to find..And last week i gave up on finding one knows what it is....they keep thinking its flouride......I decided to mix in some natural fertilizer which i got in the woods..
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