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So the wooden cover is 3' x 11" x 5"?
You're going to be severely limited for lighting in that canopy. Even if you do go with, say, two 96 watt Power Compact fluorescent lights, they are only three feet wide and would leave half a foot on each side unlit.
If it were me, I would sell the wooden canopy to someone who could fit it on their tank and either make your own four foot canopy or buy one.

Here are a few items for your shopping pleasure:
4x55w - 47" Solar Compact Light: $220
4x55w JBJ Formosa Deluxe with cooling fans and easy tilt brackets: $270

If you're on a budget, just do two double strip shop lights ($10 a piece) from Home Depot and stick four Sylvania Gro-Lux bulbs in there ($5 a piece) for 160 watts to get you started and save up for the power compacts.

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