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OK. I'll try to comment your comments in one post I am that lazy.

Originally Posted by crudnugget View Post
Also, I think it's funny that many people who say English is their second language actually have better spelling and grammar than many of the Americans!
Really? Hehe, it has to be that we HAVE to try so we won't be seen as a bunch of immigrants
Originally Posted by Regloh View Post
Very inspiring... With every DIY stand thread I read, I get more and more upset with my stand. I bought it at a LFS, paid a ton of money for it and it really doesn't look great at all...
Well, maybe one day I will get my act together and take the plunge into my own stand project *sigh*

This looks great. Also, finding the doors is nothing to be ashamed of. They look great with the style of the stand itself.

I also can't wait to see the finished tank. Keep up the good work!
Don't be. A nice tank standing on top of any stand is the most important thing.
And I wasn't ashamed of finding doors. I was lucky
Thanks for your good words, I also found the doors match the stand perfectly.
Originally Posted by oldpunk78 View Post
i kept wondering when this thread would pop up. that is an awesome stand! love the retro feel it has.
I hope it would. Thanks for support. A retro feel was exactly what I wanted to achieve, so now I know I had not failed

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