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Web searches are making me dizzy LOL. Trickle filter to sump configuration changes. Trying to decide how many dividers and what size. Also the tower is leaving. The box is an Oceanic model 150plus with the tower centered on the side. No matter how I adjust my plans for compartment dividers I just donít like the layout. I want to run end to end as that makes the most sense to me as opposed to a half tank loop back. The spill chamber for the tower is just too oddly sized and shaped to work out. Most search results either contain skimmers or more equipment than I think I'm needing. Wanting either to use a sock on the intake or use coarse foam, floss divider something to catch debris and easily dealt with for removal / replacement while in service then into a chamber containing moss and or grow area for starter plants. Then another media option possibly two and out to the display tank. So about 4 or 5 sections. The return pump is external through a bulkhead so the whole tank is available for division leaving a couple of inches for return clearance.
Pump sizing also, thinking 1000gph is needed with 3í of rise, piping and manifold restriction. If itís too strong valves can be throttled to adjust that, just donít want to be caught short.

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