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gh: 30 dH - 530ppm+ (liquid rock)
kh: 1 dKH
pH: 6.2

Maybe my test kits are wrong (the gh and kh one), I'm using the JBL ones. Both results seem kind of extreme.

I have nothing right now that can help me measure Co2.

I have looked for the four leaf clover, but it seems no one has it here in Mexico. I was recommended Ranalisma Rostrata by the same person that sold me the HC, but I'm not sure how that one looks in a nano.

Other carpet plants I can get (through mail) are, Glossostigma elatinoides, Lilaleopsis, Eleocharis acicularis (dwarf hairgrass ?), Eleocharis vivipara and a variety of mosses.

The blyxa (top right) and the parrot feather (right besides it) are both doing fine though, they all arrived at the same time since I got the from the same seller.

The blyxa has new leaves which took a nice green, and the parrot feather which arrived brown, nearly all dried up (it was a gift so I did not complain), has done a complete recovery and is now looking bright green.
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