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55 Gallon Crypts Riparium

Hi All,

I have a pretty good start on a new display and tonight I managed to get some pictures.

This first one shows the tank and some of the plants that I am going to use, but here it is just set up on a fishroom bench as a culture tank. I have a lot of plants stuffed in there.

I plan for this display to be primarily Cryptocoryne, but I have some other stuff in there for now, including some ferns and some Anubias.

The emmersed crypts are going to form the composition background and will be hung on the rear pane of glass. I have a couple of ideas for midground plants.

This Hemigraphis (I haven't been able to figure out species) does well growing hydroponically on a Nano Trellis Raft. I have a few of these in my South America display and I can get some cuttings from these.

This is a little Pilea sp. that I have had half-neglected in with my orchids.

It will provide lots of little cuttings. This plant does OK on a Trellis Raft, but sometimes it starts to run and can get leggy. It helps to have pretty bright light on it and trim it back periodically.

I have a number of big robust crypts already in Hanging Planters. This is a C. wendtii, maybe 'Bronze'. It has flowered for me several times.

The next plant is a Lagenandra idontknowwhichoneitis. I picked this one up at Aquatics Unlimited just a couple of months ago.

This one has done real well and it has already filled its planter with roots.
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