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ok let me see if i have the right idea, in my diy light fixture i would use a very thin plate of aluminum, attach the leds, the dc power, and fans

so my parts list would consist of
- 22" aluminum plate
- 16 Leds
- one computer fan
- dc power supply

what other parts would i possibly need? the led driver or something?

i really really love this led fixture made byKev82!

i know i can get my hands on a aluminum plate from homedepot or some place cant be that expensive , i think i may have a dc powersupply if i look through my stuff, a pc cooling fan is easy to get

so all these items stated above will be cheap the main important and expensive stuff would be the led's itself

what if all the people intrested in making Led fixture got together and we order over 150 LEds im sure we could get it for cheap,

Also there is a led store on ebay can anybody check to see for the cheapest led bulbs we can use that would output enough light for 10 gal?

i think if we all work together we can find the best cheapest and most effective way to create led fixtures
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