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I switched one of the plant grow bulbs (about 4,000k after some research) for the basic white flourescent bulb that comes in the generic hood) Light looks much nicer now all though I have no idea about the range on that bulb.

My crypt balanese has started to perk up a little, it has been laying down and melting off the larger leaves. My hope is that the new leaves will grow more straight up to the top of the water.

I added a few more crypts and some brazilliam micro sword I had from my 10 gallon I tore down. Just going to see how everyting fills in, I need to get a second mini heater in the filter, temp's at 76 which I think is a little low.

Still getting some fungus on the wood, I would use a heavy dose of Excel, but I don't want to melt my vals, I really like those.
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