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I have been pleasantly surprised by the plants at Petsmart, of all places! When I can catch a ride, I sometimes can go to the PS on the north side, and usually I find nothing of interest, but last time (about 2-3 months ago) they had Top Fin plants in cylinders (I know -- ugh!) but they had real aquatic ones, and I picked up a nice anubias nana for about $4. It's doing well so far.

About 4 weeks ago, on a sunny Friday, I took the Central bus up to Eubank and walked north about 3 long blocks to a shopping center with another Petsmart where I have bought plants before. They still had the plants, 4-6 tanks full, and I got some bacopa and a redish temple plant (though I doubt that's what it really was... flat, wide, pointed redish leaves, but pretty). I mentioned how their north end store (near CostCo) had only tube plants but nice ones, and the clerk said her store was going to change over to them, too. I won't mind if they are the same Top Fin variety. I just wish they'd build a store downtown because I understand that store may move to get more parking (which is an astonishing idea, considering how much parking they now have...).

Clark's plants tend to go fast. I've taken them my extra water sprite and one time got a few bucks off a big anubias nana. I'm a bit low on water sprite at the moment, but it grows fast.

My fish stocking is quite low at the moment: two head & tail lights (I'm hoping for them to mate, but she's an independent gal who intimidates the male) and they're in their own 6-gal tank. And in my 10G tank 3 pygmy cories, and a +3" Austrailian rainbow raised from a baby the size of a flea as he came with some ferny floating plant I can't recall the name of at the moment. Currently he's acting shy and needs a new home but I'm not buying him a bigger tank, he'll have to be adopted by a nice fishkeeper who will not mind his attitude. All these fish were acquired (5 of them paid for) from Clark's and when the weather is nicer (at least 70 degrees steadily) for a bus ride, I'll add to my stocking.

Back to work Welcome to Albuquerque! Go see the fish at the Aquarium down by the river
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