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Hi, all! I got one tank set up, but then found out I have to move to Iowa for 4 months - so I didn't set up any more...

So, I have a 29 tank with three blood fin tetras and one female betta. Would anyone be interested in babysitting them and some of my plants for a few months this summer? I am leaving April 16th, so I need them out of here by then. I can give you my whole set up to babysit or just the plants and fish! Any baby plants that you get while you are babysitting you can definitely keep. I have low-light, low maintenance plants - a couple crypts, anubias nana, a ton of java moss and fern, some jungle val and a pretty lotus. I am sure I can fit everything in the a 10g - so if you have room in a kid's room or something and want to borrow my fishes and plants from April 16th until August 23rd ish - let me know!

If anyone is interested in just babysitting one or the other, let me know too. I just want my babies going to a good home!

Thank you so much!

(I've had my set up running for two months without disease or problem - a small miracle considering I got them from petsmart and wally world)
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