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From the few times I've been in there they've had some very good deals.

On this particular occasion they were having a sale on the 29 gallons, but it had expired on the 31st of last month, but because I found one hanging out with the sign still on it, they gave it to me anyway.

The one deal that I missed that I really wanted was a 55 gallon tank and stand combo that they had for the low $200's, it was a steal but I just didn't have the money at the time.

They had a good selection of rainbows in terms of species but in one tank that had some celebes and boesmani's in a tank with yellow lab and other cichlids with juvenile red belly pirahnas as well.... WTF?! As you can imagine their fins were tore up to shreads. They did have some nice threadfins on the other hand and a few other notable fish, but I guess from from i'm used to, not the kind of selection I would generally choose from. I guess i'm just used to the rarities and good variety from my LFS in NJ.

I still need to check out some other stores however in the area, so we'll see. Crimson, perhaps you could direct me to some stores closer to the brownsburg area?

I believe I saw a Pet Jungle or Safari or something of that nature on 36 in Avon? Maybe I was mistaken...

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