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Some of the items in yesterday's auction (If I recall, was 122 bags - and a full house at my place for the meeting!). I'm one of the auctioneers, but it gets hard to remember everything given the size of the auctions nowadays....

Blyxa Japonica, Aubertii
Eleocharis Acicularis, Eleocharis sp. (The 12" one Sean Murphy collected - AaronT and myself have sold it to a few folks on the online venues)
Elatine Orientalis, Elatine minima? Was 2 of them anyhow
Rotala Mexicana
Anubias Nana, Barteri, Nana Narrow, sp. 'Gasser", petite
Hygro Araguaia, sp. Bold
Typical cabombas, rotalas (sp. pink, Colorata), ludwigias (Peruensis, Repens, etc.)
Java Fern, java narrow, Java Trident
Java moss, Peacock Moss, Taiwan moss
Crypt Cordata Blassi, Usteriana Green, Wendtii, Wendtii Red, Green Gecko, Pontediferolia, Usteriana x Walkeri Hybrid, Balansae, Spiralis
Marselea Minuta, Polygonum Ruby, Utricularia Gramnifolia, Bolbitis large and small forms

and who knows how many plants aren't coming to the top of my head...then of course non-plant items too!

Manzanita driftwood Packages, 6 pack of Apisto Triple Red Cacutoides, Guppies, Cory Aeneus bags(spelling), Cherry shrimp, sponge filter packs...

Along with Raffles (Several prizes, 1st prize was a package for CO2 including brass check valve and perma seal, glass bubble counter and diffusor, etc.), food, multiple sessions of DIY item fabrication lessons as this month's topic, handing out of the most recent T5 bulb and TEK fixture group order items.....

Yeah, I like to think the annual dues are worth it.

Two new members yesterday too, which was great!
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