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fishtown usa update

well i took along trip out to fishtown today and they had small neon tetras for .39 Cents. I coulndt resist brought 3 dollars worth for my brother in law who keeps nagging about his fish that he never see's. ( hes got a really big catfish that hides all the time hope he doesnt eat any of them!)He had asked me for my neons before heck he even wants to trade 3 congo tetras for my neons but i fear the congos would get shrreded by my red eyes but who knows.... also picked up 6 more cardinals for 1.50 each and 3 more big amanos for 7.00 now my tanks probalby overstocked but there all small and its only temporarry luckyly i won anther filter on ebay aquaclear 50 for 30 bucks new in box...woot!!! i tend to over filter just in case this will replace an old tetra 10 gallon HOB....this is gonna go to the shrimp tank so i can get more room in there i have a internal 10 that came with the tank witch is not really shrimp friendly.... one cherry climbed out of the tank from it to its demise...and btw i know long post!
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