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Aquatic Fern Info

I have a low light tank that I am trying to fill up with slower-growing plants like ferns and crypts, but I am really confused as to which ferns are actually aquatic or bog plants, or even regular terrestrial plants, or maybe a combination of the three. Here are the ferns that I know of:

Java Ferns (Microsorium Pteropus)
Variants: Windelov, Trident, Narrow Leaf, Tropica, etc
Can obviously be grown indefinitely underwater, everyone has had some java ferns at some point.

African Water Fern (Bolbitis Heudelotti)
No variants that I know of...
Can be grown indefinitely underwater, but I don't konw about emersed growth.

El Niņo Fern (Bolbitis Heteroclita)
No variants that I know of...
Has anyone grown this underwater? I thought that this was a fully aquatic species until recently, but now I just have no idea.

Peacock Fern (selaginella willdenowii)
No variants that I know of...
I have no idea how this should be grown. CAM647 has some in his tank, but I do not know how they are doing, and I am attempting to grow them emersed, but they haven't grown at all in the 5 days that i've had them. I google image searched this plant, and it showed it as a blue fern being grown in a pot in someone's kitchen. Can this be grown normally in a pot? Should this be grown underwater or above water?
Also, Google Images comes up with a plant that looks nothing like what i bought at Petco labelled as "Peacock Fern (Selaginella Willdenowii)" when you search for the common or latin names. Mine seems to be something totally different. What is the actual plant?

Borneo Fern (Trichomanes javanicum)
No variants that I know of...
I know that this can not be grown underwater, only emersed. I have it growing in my paludarium right now, but I'm not sure if I should be doing anything special to be taking care of it.

What other types of ferns are there that can be grown fully submerged and actually survive? I have heard something about a malayan and thai ferns, but when I searched for those on google images, all that came up was pictures of naked malaysian and thai women.

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