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Amanos in the house!!! 6 Amanos purchased last week, and they've all lived to tell the tale. They've also gone to work on my algae bigtime. Looking back at the last post, they've completely cleaned off parts of the tank. MAN they are hella fun to watch. I have coworkers getting in on the fun now. There's a few who now make a daily trip to see the progress and watch my little "bugs" for a few minutes. I'm really happy with the lessons I've learned on with this experiment. I originally thought I would tear it down and rescape once I felt comfortable with the Nano style...but now I dunno. I might leave it and see where it goes. Maybe a minor re-scape. That rock on the left seems to be detracting from things. I might remove it and use the taiwan moss as more of a carpet. It would make a really cool contrast to the HC.

Anyway, some pictures. I had a little time this afternoon so I went for some more dynamic shots. Hope you like em.


Spreading hairgrass and HC. They're going to merge eventually. Cool!

Jungle shot.

Ubiquitus FTS. I've been noticing a slight green tinge lately. Maybe a minor case of green water. Should take care of itself soon enough.

And, since I've been too lazy to start a journal for my 30g, a bonus and completely non-nano related shot.

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