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Aeroponics & Filtration - Need some ideas...

Greetngs all,

So I've just about got everything together to do a small aeroponic planter that uses a 2.5 gallon nano tank as the supply of water and nutrients. The idea is to use the aeroponic system as a natural plant filtration system for the nano tanks' waste/nutrients and at the same time, grow some veggies.

In an aeroponic planter a fine mist of nutrients and water is exposed to the the roots of plants. Because the roots are suspended in air, the growth of the plants can be significantly more rapid than you would get with soil.

The system I'm building will be similar to this one:
With a few modification to accomodate the pumping of water from the nano tank and then setting up a simple gravity feed to get the water back to the tank after it has run through the planter.

The 2.5 nano would be occupied by snails, rcs and maybe a bit of moss. Their tank water with their waste would feed the plants in the aeroponic system. The plants would filter the nutrients out of the water and return "filtered" water to the tank.

I know I've seen at least 1 person on this board propose something similar with aquaponics, but I can't seem to find the thread.

A few questions...
1. Has anyone here tried this? Either aquaponics or aeroponics with an aquarium as the nutrient source?
2. Any suggestions for what kinds of critters to use in the nano? I thought inverts would be better than fish, so that I could get a higher density in such a small tank.
3. Any suggestions, insights you can share would be appreciated.

Many thanks,
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