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Do!aqua prices (here they are)

i contacted afa and heres the prices for the Do!aqua line if anyone is interested (sorry if this is in the wrong place)

We do have Do! Aqua product for sale at our retail store, but it not available yet for our online store. However, we could ship to you if you know which product you are interested.

The followings are the pricing for the Do! Aqua Product we offer:

Item number Description US MSRP
◆CO2 System
140-101 CO2 Diffuser $38
Music Glass 10D $33
Music Glass 15D $36
Music Glass 20D $57
Music Glass 30D $68
Music Counter $30
◆Layout tool series
140-203 Do Pinsettes L $23
140-204 Do Pinsettes XL $26
140-205 Do Scissors S $30
140-206 Do Scissors S(Curve type) $30
140-207 Do Scissors M $32
140-208 Do Scissors M(Curve type) $32
◆Glass Pipe series
140-501 Violet Glass VP-1 13D $48
140-502 Violet Glass VP-2 13D $59
140-503 Violet Glass VP-3 17D $68
140-511 Violet Glass VV-1 13D $56
140-512 Violet Glass VV-2 13D $68
140-513 Violet Glass VV-3 17D $84
140-514 Violet Glass VV-4 20D $105
140-521 Poppy Glass PP-1 13D $48
140-522 Poppy Glass PP-2 13D $59
140-523 Poppy Glass PP-3 17D $68
140-531 Poppy Glass PV-1 13D $56
140-532 Poppy Glass PV-2 13D $68
140-533 Poppy Glass PV-3 17D $84
140-534 Poppy Glass PV-4 20D $105
140-541 Violet Glass・mini MP-1 10D $45
140-542 Violet Glass・mini MV-1 13D $53
140-551 Violet Glass・Jet JP-1 13D $42
140-552 Violet Glass・Jet JP-2 17D $54
◆Plant Glass series
140-801 Plant Glass Cylinder 2010 D20H10cm $16
140-811 Plant Glass Cube15 W15D15H15cm $23
140-812 Plant Glass Cube1520 W15D15H20cm $26
140-813 Plant Glass Cube20 W20D20H20cm $29
140-821 Plant Glass Oval17 (Max D.19, top D17, Bot D12, H17cm) $16
140-822 Plant Glass Oval25 (Max D.27, top D16, Bot D14, H25cm) $24

Please don't hesitate to contact if you have any further questions.


Steven Lo
Aqua Forest Aquarium
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