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Originally Posted by chris127 View Post
amanos wont be too big since youre in CA they shuoldnt be too hard to find at an LFS
You were right Chris! They're readily available at my LFS, which happens to be a really nice place.

I got 3 to start with. The tank is still cycling a little bit, but my nerves got the better of me when I started seeing what I considered to be too much algae and other detrius. They lived overnight so I went and got 4 more today. Of course one of them immediately decided to play with fire and romp around the filter inlet. He got dead, but the others are happily munching.

I sure hope these can start to help my algae problem out. I'm quite confused (as usual) as to what to do in order to stop the spread.

Thus far, I have been dosing very minimally. NPK once a week into the water column, and I have Seachem solid ferts stuck into the gravel in strategic places.

The aglae isn't anything quite as bad as BBA, hair or fuzz algae. The best way I can describe it is detrius algae. It's clumpy and dirty looking more than anything else. Weird!

Anyway, some updated pictures. Hopefully I can get some fauna pictures tomorrow.

See what I mean by how clumpy it looks? It's very soft stuff. Not attached to the plants very firmly. The amanos should hopefully take care of it soon.

My poor HC is showing signs of algae now as well. Crap!

Full tank shot. Despite algae problems it's come a long way and I've learned a lot. I'm already thinking of future, much more natural looking aquascapes. My wife will love me.

And another bonus picture from my 30g. I brought some amanos home for that one as well and I got a stowaway! I have no idea what the little guy is, but I hope I can keep him alive long enough to find out. My dwarf gourami has been hunting him for days to no avail.
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