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Unhappy Color temperature (K) v.s. Spectrum

I have a hard time looking for bulbs in the hardware store (because that's usually what's most affordable in terms of DIY) when nothing is labelled in (K) and there is no red/blue spectrum indicator or wavelength measurement. Not only that, but when I start asking question about color temperature and light spectrum, everyone in homedepot and Canadian Tire say, "Uhhhh, I don't really know."

From what I've been reading (from posts all overthe NET) the K value is the color temperature right? That's how good it looks to us humans, so does that have anything to do with the Red/blue spectrum that plants all want?

I'm just trying to get bulbs/fixtures that would do the job without buying 'aqua' watever brand for $50 buck a pop. any suggetions?
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